vicky head shot

The Approach

Match social worker with photography and you get images that capture emotion and true feelings. Seeing your picture and finding that it truly reflects you as a person, in one image, is possible.  It is my mission and goal.

Helping people to feel comfortable, being able to ask for what you want and having a really good time, is all a part of the experience.

Who is Vicky Laforge

My name is Vicky and I am the mother to one child, former foster parent to 19  foster children and mommy to Ziibii the spunky schnauzer/Shitzu 10 pound dog.  All have had their photos taken by yours truly.

I have learned photography through schooling, workshops, online education and the best way is through taking images and working on the lighting and following the latest trends.  I have enjoyed taking part in community photography clubs, submitting photos into contests . I fall asleep at my computer working on images,  gotten up in the middle of the night to capture a sunset and volunteered at community events.

My greatest skill which keeps people coming back for more is my ability to make photography the funnest part of your event. Often the audience will think that i am an old friend to the wedding couple, and men at photo-shoots will see that photos don't have to be awkward and uncomfortable.  I feel that m gift in life is capturing natural emotion.  I really do not want an image that looks staged and uncomfortable.

I believe I have always been an artist with natural abilities and I turned my focus to photography in 2007 when i purchased my first digital camera. I have been doing photography ever since and now i work as a photographer for organizations, families and with the community capturing moments, events and recording history. In my native culture history was recorded orally,  while I make a record of history through images.

My website features my various skills of training and group facilitation, photography and photo-booth bookings.



Photo-booth Bookings

Your photo-booth includes a backdrop, lights, and a basket of various themed items such as moustaches ans other fun photo items.

bookings are in 2.5 hours  - $500.00

four hours - $800.00

Full day 7 hours - $1500.00

Images are printed on site and will be emailed by dropbox after the event


Event Bookings

Events are booked by the half day and full day rates of $500.00 and $1000.00 flat rates

Events can include community organizational events, a galas, concerts, workshops, conferences, birthday parties, etc






Head Shots/Photo-shoots

Head Shot Sessions are 125.00 and take an hour

Photo-shoots are for an individual and cost $250.00, take 1.5 hours

images are sent by dropbox

participant arrives with hair and makeup completed

Next Steps...

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